A beautifully crafted piano chord dictionary for iPhone & iPad.


  • Quick access to hundreds of chords
  • Find chords that work together
  • Listen to great sounding progressions
  • Inversions, notation and key names
  • 4 great sounding pianos
  • Play as a chords or arpeggios
This app is amazing and has been a huge help to my songwriting. I definitely recommend for pianists of all playing levels!
I can only imagine how many minds will be forever changed with this app.
I will be sending my students to this app and using it as a teaching tool for further classes! Damned impressive!
Thank you thank you! I give infinite thank you'd to the creators for this app. I can really actually look forward to learning music theory and songs I want to play.
NOW THIS IS HOW TO MAKE AN APP!!!! I have no hesitation giving this app 5 stars. I've owned many chord chart books over the years and couldn't tell you where half of them are located at the moment. This app takes care of that problem.
This app reignited my love of playing the piano!
by PjMc